Collaborative activity before Greek Mobility

Dress up woman from Athens of the Classic Era

Each country has to contribute into dressing up a woman who lives in Athens of 5th century bC.She needs clothes,shoes,hat and jewelry all made with recycling materials.. 

We suggest the following sharing(but you can change it if you want):

  • Portugal-clothes,
  • Spain-shoes,
  • Romania-hat (or hair ornament)
  • Slovenia-jewelry

When you come to Greece we will provide the model who will be dressed up with the items that you will bring with you.We will take photos and we will make a poster.

You can have some ideas from these links:

Have you ever thought about how people dressed in ancient Greece? What were the men wearing? The women? Did the children wear the same clothes as the adults? Did they buy their clothes ready-made or did they make them themselves?

The garment in Ancient Greece

Have fun!